About Angela Boone

Hey All My Billionaire Friends a little aboue me!
Angela Boone, a successful entrepreneur whose construction firm, completed school renovations as part of a $1.5 billion capital improvement

Entrepreneur | Designer | Teacher | Blogger |Speaker |  Author 

program, decided it was time to leave the "Good Old Boy Network".

She is currently the CEO and designer behind the brand, "Angie B Style by Angelique Collections.
She loves the new chapter in her life.  
As a designer and instructor, she's able to unleash her teaching skills as she demonstrates in her DIY YouTube videos. 

As a writer and published author, Angela loves to motivate and encourage others around the world with her inspiring articles.  

She also loves to post photos on Instragram and facebook, and learn new technology and design techniques to share with students. 
Boone loves to share the many gifts and talents that God has given her, she loves to share them with the world. Boone loves traveling and visit her grandchid.

Artist Statement
Angela Boone – Recycled Material Design Artist who believes everything is art. It is important to me as a designer to create beautiful Eco-friendly products that create a difference in the way consumers and the communities look at sustainable designs.

Angie B Style by Angelique Collections is the home of originality and unique Eco-friendly creative lifestyle.

Boone's products are uniquely handcrafted using recyclable techniques giving a second life and new attitude to creating elegance and workmanship of wearable and fine art pieces.

At the same time, it is important that we continue to have resources to protect human health and our atmosphere.

Angie B Style by Angelique Collections shows the “beauty-and-the bag” and custom  designed jewelry by re-purposing materials taken by a “Recycled Material Design Artist” who’s vision creates wearable art out of something that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Boones creations consist of eco-friendly fashions, handbags, accessories and book art woven out of newspaper, magazines and fabric, and much much more. 

Angela's designer side allows her to create unique handbags and accessories for the "woman who doesn’t want to see her bag on the arm of every woman or doesn’t want to carry the same bag that everyone carries.”  “No two are exactly the same.”