Hey All My Crafty Creators,

Do you remember this video tutorial? 

Everyone has been asking me about the wallet

pattern.  It's back in our Etsy Shop, and I have

provided a link below.

I hope you have been enjoying our DIY videos,

it's always a pleasure to create and share. And

by the way, OMG! You're not going to believe

it...my phone came back on last Sunday night!

Listen, I was so happy!  I had missed a lot of the

questions some of you had asked me regarding

some of the video tutorials, but I am up to speed


Ok...so good night, it's time for me to get some

rest, tomorrow is a pretty busy day for me. 

And thank you again for supporting my channel.

Thank you, and have an awesome crafty night, day or afternoon,

where ever you are in the world!

Until Next Time
Angie B Style

by Angelique Collections

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